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  1. Travel information about Brig and Zermatt
  2. Voyage Travel facts checks
  3. Details of Brig city
  4. Details of Zermatt
  5. Route of Brig to Zermatt
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Travel information about Brig and Zermatt

We searched the internet to find the best ways to travel by flights or railroad between the following 2 places, Brig, and Zermatt

What we found that the best way to travel between Brig and Zermatt, is dependent on different variables.

Travelling between Brig and Zermatt is an superb experience, as both cities have all you want to have on a holiday.

Voyage Travel facts checks:
Distance From Brig – The city center to the Zurich Airport135 km
Easiest way to get to airport terminal to ZermattZermatt station
Distance From Zermatt – The city center to the Bern AirportDistance of 127 km
Is the train station Brig inside the city BrigYes
Is the train station Zermatt inside the city ZermattYes
Average Taxi Price from Zurich Airport€ 457.54
Average Taxi Price from Bern Airport€ 430.02
How long does it take to fly between Brig and Zermatt33 minutes
Journey time by rail between Brig and ZermattFrom 1h 17m
Average Price For a Flight€ 871
Average Price For a train ticket€ 39
Distance by Air24 miles / 39 km
Distance by Land23 miles / 38 km
Carbon Pollution By Air10.54 KG CO2 e
Carbon Pollution By Rail1.72 KG CO2 e
How many trains per day between the 2 destinations (Brig/Zermatt)17
Cheapest month to fly between between Brig and ZermattOctober
Cheapest day to fly between Brig and ZermattSaturday
Lowest flight price between Brig and Zermatt€523.17
Zurich AirportBrig station
Zurich AirportBrig station
Bern AirportZermatt station
Bern AirportZermatt station

Here are the best solutions to choose from your travel needs,

From any of them you would need to buy a valid ticket for your travel, so Here are some good prices to get by train from the stations Brig, Zermatt:

Save A Train company is based in The Netherlands
Gotogate by Etraveli Group is located in Sweden
Only train startup is located in Belgium
Travelocity By Expedia is situated in The USA

Shall I Go to Brig or Zermatt to begin?

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Brig is a great city to travel, Here the best photos of Brig that we Found for you:

289275 people Live in Brig, The Local Flag in Switzerland = 🇨🇭

Brig has the tundra climate prevailing. It is cold here all year round. The average annual temperature for Brig is 4° degrees and there is about 467 mm of rain in a year. It is dry for 126 days a year with an average humidity of 90% and an UV-index of 2.

Average weather Brig by month

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Temperature (°C) -5 -4 -2 1 5 11 14 14 10 5 0 -3
Precipitation (mm) 19 17 33 38 48 57 65 59 32 37 36 27

The City is known for:

OR Shall Go to Zermatt to begin?

It is Hard to answer this question

Zermatt is a great city to travel, Here the best photos of Zermatt that we Found for you:

5,775 people Live in Zermatt, The Local Flag in Switzerland = 🇨🇭

In Zermatt, there is a cold mountain climate, with very cold winters, during which the temperature is often below freezing, and cool to mild summers.
The village is located at 1,600 meters (5,200 feet) in the Valais, at the foot of the Matterhorn.
In winter, in periods of high pressure, the sun shines and the temperature exceeds freezing during the day. In periods of bad weather, however, it snows and the temperature remains below freezing even during the day.
During cold spells, the temperature drops to very low values, though not much lower than in the cities of the Swiss plateau. The temperature dropped to -19.5 °C (-3 °F) in February 1991 and to -22 °C (-7.5 °F) in February 2012.
In summer, temperatures are mild during the day, and very cool, or even cold, at night. Even though the mountain sun increases the feeling of heat, the temperature never reaches very high values. Generally, it reaches 26/27 °C (79/81 °F) on the warmest days of the year. However, after the year 2000, hot days have become more frequent due to global warming. The temperature reached 30 °C (86 °F) in late June 2019 and in August 2003, 29.5 °C (85 °F) in August 2011 and in July 2015, 29 °C (84 °F) in July 2020, and 28.5 °C (83.5 °F) in July 2010, in August 2013 and in August 2015.
The average temperature of the coldest month (January) is of -4.1 °C (25 °F), that of the warmest month (July) is of 12.9 °C (55 °F).

Zermatt – Average temperatures
MonthMin (°C)Max (°C)Mean (°C)Min (°F)Max (°F)Mean (°F)

The City is known for:

Path of Brig to Zermatt

Currency used in Brig is Swiss franc – CHF

Switzerland currency

Currency used in Zermatt is Swiss franc – CHF

Switzerland currency

Electricity that works in Brig is 230V

Electricity that works in Zermatt is 230V

It is best to travel to Brig in: June until September

It is best to travel to Zermatt in: July through September

Time zone of Brig: Central European Time (CET) +0100 UTC

Time zone of Zermatt: Central European Time (CET) +0100 UTC

Geo Coordinates of Brig: 46.3158992,7.987820800000001

Geo Coordinates of Zermatt: 46.0207133,7.749117000000001

Official Website of Brig:

Official Website of Zermatt:

VAT Rates at the origin: 7.7%

VAT Rates at the destination: 7.7%

Calling prefix at the origin: +41

Calling code at the destination: +41

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