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Transport Details of Apeldoorn and Ghent

We googled the web to find the absolute best ways to voyage by airplane or trains from the following 2 cities, Apeldoorn, to Ghent

What we noticed that the right way to travel from Apeldoorn and Ghent, is subject to several fact points.

Travelling between Apeldoorn to Ghent is an gorgeous practice, as both places have all you want to have on a vacation.

Voyage Travel facts checks:
Distance From Apeldoorn – The city center to the Weeze AirportDistance of 117 km
Easiest way to get to airport terminal to GhentGhent Saint Pieters station
Distance From Ghent – The city center to the Antwerp International Airport66 km
Is the train station Apeldoorn inside the city ApeldoornYes
Is the train station Ghent inside the city GhentYes
Average Taxi Price from Weeze Airport€ 254.62
Average Taxi Price from Antwerp International Airport€ 122.03
How long does it take to fly between Apeldoorn and Ghent5 hr 18 min
How long does it take to train travel between Apeldoorn and GhentFrom 3h 19m
Average Price For a Flight€ 272.25
Average Price For a train ticket€ 18
Distance by Air126 miles / 202 km
Distance by Land126 miles / 203 km
Carbon Pollution By Air55.31 KG CO2 e
Carbon Pollution By Rail9.01 KG CO2 e
How many flights per day between the 2 destinations (Apeldoorn/Ghent)4
How many trains per day between the 2 destinations (Apeldoorn/Ghent)31
Cheapest month to fly between between Apeldoorn and GhentNovember
Most popular airline between Apeldoorn and GhentKLM
Cheapest airline between Apeldoorn and GhentKLM
Cheapest day to fly between Apeldoorn and GhentWednesday
Lowest flight price between Apeldoorn and Ghent€202
Weeze AirportApeldoorn station
Weeze AirportApeldoorn station
Antwerp International AirportGhent Saint Pieters station
Antwerp International AirportGhent Saint Pieters station

Here are the chosen companies to choose from your transport requirements,

From any of them you would need to order a mobile ticket for your travel, so Here are some best prices to get by train from the stations Apeldoorn, Ghent:

Save A Train startup is located in The Netherlands
Gotogate company is situated in Sweden
Only train business is situated in Belgium
Travelocity By Expedia is situated in United States

Should I Go to Apeldoorn or Ghent to start?

It is Impossible to reply to this examination

Apeldoorn is a lovely place to visit, See the best photos of Apeldoorn that we collected for you:

162445 citizens Live in Apeldoorn, The Local Flag in Netherlands = 🇳🇱

In Apeldoorn, the summers are comfortable and partly cloudy and the winters are very cold, windy, and mostly cloudy. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from -0°C to 23°C and is rarely below -7°C or above 29°C.

very coldcoldcoolcomfortablecoolcoldJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecNow57%57%28%28%overcastclearprecipitation: 58 mmprecipitation: 58 mm30 mm30 mmmuggy: 3%muggy: 3%0%0%drydrytourism score: 6.7tourism score:

The City is known for:

OR Should I Go to Ghent Initially?

It is Tough to reply to this statement

Ghent is a awesome place to see, See the best photos of Ghent that we collected for you:

262,219 citizens Live in Ghent, The Local Flag in Belgium = 🇧🇪

Ghent has a oceanic climate. There is rainfall during all months of the year. The average annual temperature for Ghent is 14° degrees and there is about 219 mm of rain in a year. It is dry for 174 days a year with an average humidity of 81% and an UV-index of 3.

Climate Ghent by month

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Temperature (°C) 6 7 11 15 18 21 23 23 20 15 10 7
Precipitation (mm) 18 19 19 11 24 23 22 21 11 12 17 22

The City is known for:

Path of Apeldoorn to Ghent

Money used in Apeldoorn is Euro – €

Netherlands currency

Bills accepted in Ghent are Euro – €

Belgium currency

Electricity that works in Apeldoorn is 230V

Electricity that works in Ghent is 230V

It is best to go to Apeldoorn in: late June to early September.

It is best to go to Ghent in: May through September

Time zone of Apeldoorn: Central European Summer Time (CEST) +0200 UTC

Time zone of Ghent: Central European Summer Time (CEST) +0200 UTC

Geo Coordinates of Apeldoorn: 52.21115700000001,5.9699231

Geo Coordinates of Ghent: 51.0500182,3.7303351000000005

Official Website of Apeldoorn:

Official Website of Ghent:

VAT Rates at the origin: 21%

The VAT Percentage at the destination: 21%

Global Dialing prefix at the origin: +31

Global Dialing prefix at the destination: +32

Price Ticket
Price + Taxi
Eco Friendly
Travel Time (minutes)
Best Website by user feedback
  • Save A Train
  • Gotogate
  • Onlytrain
  • Travelocity

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